Charlie Bone Wiki

"We thought it was Venetia here. She's the cleverest of us. The wickedest."

-Ezekiel Bloor

Venetia Yewbeam (b.1952) is the youngest and most deadly of Charlie's great-aunts. Venetia is a designer of magic clothes, and used to keep a man locked in the attic of her house. She was clever and witty before the arson of her home by Charlie and Paton, whom she is currently plotting revenge against. Her house has since been rebuilt according to the 6th book. Venetia taught Dorcas Loom to bewitch clothing. She married Archie Shellhorn to presumably influence his son, Eric, who is a stone animator. Venetia killed Shellhorn's first wife by giving her a bewitched necklace, and then gave Shellhorn a cloak to make him fall in love with her. Shellhorn and his daughter Miranda fled in fear of Venetia and Eric. In addition to having Eric the stone animator she has a garden gnome that took part in the murder of a kettle/black smith's ancestor who hid the hilt of the Red King's sword in his chimney in what is in the present day of the book behind a stove in the wall.

She has three sisters and a brother. Her parents were James Yewbeam and Solange Sourzac. She and her three sisters were captured by their great-aunt Yolanda after their mother died in her castle. Soon after her grandmother Grace Bloor died, her brother Paton Yewbeam came to live with his sisters, who moved from Yewbeam Castle to a house to attend Bloor's Academy.