Charlie Bone Wiki

"That strange gentleman from the painting wasn't so bad."

-Amy Bone

Skarpo is a wizard that Charlie Bone encounters through picture traveling. He is very troublesome and enjoys doing dark things, especially when Charlie accidentally let him out of his picture. When Skarpo was a child, his people were murdured by the English king and he became an orphan. Mathonwy, a magician, also Charlie's ancestor, took him in and helped him get better at magic. When Mathonwy died, Skarpo stole his wand, knowing Mathonwy would give it to him anyway. When Charlie was in his painting, he could understand what he was saying and was furious when Charlie stole the wand from him, hoping to find a way to move a heavy rock that blocked the prison of Henry Yewbeam in Charlie Bone and the Time Twister.

However, in the third book, Skarpo insists that Charlie have the wand, saying that Charlie rightfully owns it. This is proved when Charlie uses the wand to help him with his French words and when he uses it to save Julia Ingledew when she tries on the bewitched belt, saying that the word just came to him all of a sudden. It is true that he really is the wand-owner when Maisie (his maternal grandmother) tells him that their family is related to "a Welsh magician whose name is hard to pronounce", which turns out to be Mathowny.

When Skarpo comes out of his picture with Charlie, he causes mayhem at Bloor's Academy, like turning day into night (making the sky a lurid purple to a pitch black), making it rain frogs, causing bells to continue to ring, and changing the dinner at the academy into disgusting bread and cabbage instead of eggs. Later, he is found in Cook's secret rooms, and it is discovered Cook can speak his language, ancient jargon. Skarpo helps Paton Yewbeam get well by suggesting the use of vervain. In the fifth book, Charlie visits Skarpo and trusts him to keeps Bartholomew Bloor's diaries safe from Count Harken Badlock. Skarpo agrees and translates a spell found in the diaries for Charlie to use to wake up the Red King. Skarpo comes back in the last book, giving a clue to Charlie on how to open the box containing Maybelle Raven's will.