?---------Knight of Toledo

Queen Berenice------------Red King



Borlath (fire bringing) ------------ Bloors*, Yewbeams

Amadis (animal speaking) ------------ Ravens*, Crowquills*

Lilith (bewitching clothes) ------------ Shellhorns*, *Tilpins, *Looms

Guanhamara (mind reading, illusions, and witchery) ------------ Sages*, Silks*, Vertigos*, Looms

Petrello (weather & ocean bringing) ------------ Endlesses*, Torssons*

Olga (telekinesis) ------------ Brankos*, Strongs*, Dobinskys*

Wyborn (shapeshifting) ------------ Yewbeams, Azmuths

Tolemeo (flight) ------------ Tollys*

Carfal (changing) ------------ Pikes*, Onimouses

Amoret (picture traveling) ------------ Yewbeams*

Note 1: It is speculated that Wyborn's endowment is Shape Shifting and that Olga's endowment is Telekinesis.
Note 2: It is speculated that Guanhamara had the power to bewitch clothing, so it is said that the Looms could be descended from Guanhamara. Lilith also could do this, and Joshua Tilpin is a descendant of her through his mother, Titania Tilpin, being a descendant of Count Harken Badlock, Lilith's husband.
Note 3: The Shellhorns are descended from Lilith through her grandson, Edgar.
Note 4: The Yewbeam law for their family is that the men have to marry an endowed woman and the women can marry whoever they please. The Yewbeam men to break this law in recent history are Manley Yewbeam, James Yewbeam, Patton Yewbeam and Lyell Bone. It is worth noting that both Grace Bloor (wife of Manley Yewbeam) and Solange Sourzac (wife of James Yewbeam) despite being unendowed were known to be descendents of the Red King by both families possibly explaining why their marraiges were so readily accepted.
Note 5: Over the centuries many of the families have interwed so their descendants possess a variety of endowments despite their names.