Charlie Bone Wiki

"The only words he knows are 'Percy' and 'Blessed'."

-Harold Bloor

Percival Pettigrew Pennington Pitt is Ezekiel Bloor's dog. He is very old, being Ezekiel's pet since he was young. Treasure and Billy Raven call him "Blessed", which makes Charlie Bone and his friends called him Blessed too. Ezekiel, however, corrects Billy time to time that his name isn't Blessed, it's Percy, but Percy thinks that he's Blessed. Cook supposedly gave him the name, as to she calls him a blessed dog and Percy might have picked the name up from there seeing to how he likes Cook as she gives him food and walks.

Percy first appears in Midnight for Charlie Bone being the only one thing Billy Raven can talk to at Bloor's Academy over the weekends. He is also fond of guarding Cook's quarters.

Percy is an old dog and can be smelly, and whenever he and Billy are in the boy's dormitory, the other boys complain of his smell. Percy calles Ezekiel "the old man" or "Mr Zeke".He pushes Ezekiel bloor down the stairs.