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Patricia Brown is Benjamin Brown 's mother. She is a private detective and so is her husband, Mr Brown.


Midnight for Charlie Bone

In the first book, her husaband and her are sent on a false alarm so that Eustacia Yewbeam, pertending to be Benjamin's sitter can search the house for Tolly Twelve Bells.

Charlie Bone and the Time Twister

Charlie Bone and the Blue Boa

In the third book, the Browns leave for a seven-month trip to Hong Kong, leaving Runner Bean at Charlie's house, although his grandmother Grizelda hates dogs.

Charlie Bone and the Hidden King

In the fifth book, they return and Ezekiel Bloor hires Patricia and her husband to spy on the good endowed children. Patricia discovers Olivia Vertigo is endowed, but cannot bring herslef to betray Charlie. She goes to Paton for help and Paton tells her she must not tell Ezekiel that Olivia is endowed, or else Charlie would never speak to Benjamin again. She feels much better, and then refuses to tell her husband, who was desperate to find out who was making illusions, her discovery. They have a fight, which Mrs. Brown thinks wouldn't lead to a divorce. Mrs. Brown goes up to Ezekiel and tells him she quit, and Ezekiel tells her he won't pay her for keeping the illusions to herself, which he doesn't know. Mrs. Brown got mad and told her husband this, who also quit spying for the Bloors.

Charlie Bone and the Wilderness Wolf

In the sixth book, The Wilderness Wolf, Mrs. Brown offers to help find out what bit Paton, which everyone knew was the wilderness wolf. She believes Paton when he says that they were human. The city council decide to hunt it down, even though Patricia and her husband protest. then Benjamin tells his parents about what he suspects, the wilderness wolf is Asa Pike, because he is a werewolf and can talk, maybe trapped because he betrayed Manfred Bloor by helping Charlie find the King.

Charlie Bone and the Shadow of Badlock

In the seventh book, The Shadow of Badlock, Mrs. Brown dresses as a villain to sneak into Titania Tilpin's meeting in Piminy Street, to find out what they are up to for Charlie.

Charlie Bone and the Red Knight

Mrs. Brown helps Charlie and has a great respect for Paton Yewbeam.

Physical appearance

Patricia has short straw coloured hair and grey eyes and wears no jewlery.




Paton Yewbeam

Mrs. Brown has a great respect for Paton Yewbeam.