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Children of the Red King

Charlie Bone thinks he is a normal 10 year old boy, when suddenly he can hear people in photographs and paintings. He world is turned upside down when he is transferred to Bloor's Academy, the best school in the town. There he makes friends and enemies with the other endowed children. Together, Charlie and the other well endowed children must fight against the evil ones in a number of battles.

Chronicles of the Red King

Timoken is a prince born in a secret kingdom. At his birth, a forest jinni bestows magical gifts upon him: a cloak made by the last moon spider and a potion called Alixir. When the peaceful land is attacked, Timoken and his sister, Zobayda, must find a new kingdom to call home. Together, with only the magical gifts and a talking camel, the siblings set off.

His quest will turn him into the Red King and his powers will be bestowed upon Charlie Bone and the other Children of the Red King.

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