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Charles Bone: "She's afraid of Dr. Bloor."

Olivia Vertigo: "Who isn't?"

Dr. Harold Bloor (b. 1955) is the headmaster of Bloor's Academy. He works to thwart Charlie Bone and his friends along with some of the other Bloors and Yewbeams. He is the son of Bartholomew Bloor and Mary Chance, the husband of Dorothy de Vere, and father of Manfred Bloor. He is unendowed but is interested in his grandfather Ezekiel Bloor's experiments.

He is said to hate traveling when he was eight years old. When Mary Chance died, he went to live with Ezekiel and Grizelda Bone at Bloor's Academy. He was much happier with them.

Dr. Bloor has a neat grey mustache and cropped iron-grey hair with steely grey eyes and is described with large shoulders. He has a deep commanding voice and a lot of the children are a bit afraid of him, but otherwise, Charlie Bone says that he wasn't scared of talking to him in the fifth book.