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Benjamin Brown: "Why are your sisters so mean?"

Paton Yewbeam: "It goes back a long way."

Grizelda Bone (nee Yewbeam) (b. 1937) is Charlie Bone's paternal grandmother. She is the mother of Lyell Bone and the widow of Montague Bone. She is the sister to Lucretia YewbeamEustacia YewbeamVenetia Yewbeam, and Paton YewbeamShe and her sisters helped the Bloors make it appear he died in a car accident. She married a pilot named Monty Bone, who died a year after they married. Grandma Bone was the first of the sisters to marry. She is unendowed. She is one of the main antagonists of the Charlie Bone series.

Grandma Bone destroyed every one of her son's photos when he was hypnotized. She turned against him because he disagreed to be part of Ezekiel Bloor's great plan of toeing the line and joining together for power. Grandma Bone has snowy white hair and black eyes like the rest of her siblings. Her brother, Paton Yewbeam, is twenty years younger than her but is the only one who can stand up to her. Like all the others on the evil side, she is banished from the city in the eighth book.