Charlie Bone Wiki

"I knew Zeke would try and punish me."

-Henry Yewbeam


Ezekiel Bloor is Bartholomew Bloor's father. He married Hilda Hansoff, who is now dead. When he was a child he caused his cousin Henry Yewbeam to go into the future using the time twister. Ezekiel's parents were Gideon Bloor and Gundrun Solensson. Ezekiel is very interested in his grandfather Betram Babington Bloor's experiments. He is an antagonist in the Charlie Bone series. As a child, he was thin and bony, as well as having a very pale face. Ezekiel Bloor has the supposed endowment of being a magician. He has shown the ability of telekinesis after he moves the teapot in one of the books. This is also shown when he moved the puzzle pieces without touching them in Charlie Bone and the Time Twister. Ezekiel is flawed in magic, but he succeeded in making his magic work in the attics of Bloor's Academy. If a cobweb was broken, it would weave itself together by magic. If dust was cleared away, it would grow back again. When Ezekiel was younger, he had a pale face and was tall and thin, like his great-grandson Manfred Bloor. Ezekiel lived to be over 100, in the attics of Bloor's Academy, still trying to work his magic, surrounded by gas lamps and decomposing things. He failed in bringing his ancestor Borlath to life again, as he is flawed and incomplete in magic. Ezekiel owned the dog Blessed, which he named Percy, when he was young. Ezekiel dies in the 8th book because Blessed pushed the wheelchair down the stairs.