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Borlath, Amoret

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"Same hair for you, too, I see,"

-Charlie Bone

Eustacia Yewbeam (b.1947) is Charlie Bone's great aunt and is the sister of Grizelda Bone, Lucretia Yewbeam, Venetia Yewbeam, and Paton Yewbeam. She is a clairvoyant, with the ability to see into the future, know random things, and read minds when her gift works properly. Eustacia, like her sisters, works on the 'bad' side, namely the Bloors and Count Harken Badlock and most of the Yewbeams. She is known in the books to drive like a maniac, and is not above running people over. It was likely her that ran into Paton in the second book. She and her sisters are constantly working out plans to get Charlie and his friends out of the way, and serve as semi-primary antagonists. Eustacia lives in one of the number thirteens in Darkly Wynd (the middle house) and owns a garden in which she grows every herb anyone has heard of, possibly to help her sister Venetia with her potion-making. Eustacia had never married.

Endowment and Abilities

Eustacia is a clairvoyant, being able to see into the future. The first time she actually voiced using her ability in the books is in the third book, when she picked up Mr. Boldova as a cab driver stating she was a clairvoyant preknowing that he would need a cab. Eustcaia can also read minds, as a clairvoyant can do, seen in the eighth book when she found out what was on Charlie's mind. Eustacia is also a proficient archer (or archist?), as shown in the eighth book when she tries to shoot Emma as an eagle when she stole The Mirror of Amoret.


Eustacia has iron-gray hair, dark eyes, and the same almost-pale face her siblings and her share. She has a "wild" laugh (worse than her sisters) and wears dark clothes, grey and black. She is not very nice.