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Dorothy de Vere




Harold Bloor (husband), Manfred Bloor (son)

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"Mrs. Bloor is a very sad lady,"

-Henry Yewbeam

Dorothy Bloor (nee de Vere) (b.1957) is mother of Manfred Bloor and wife to Dr. Harold Bloor. After her inheritance she gave Dr. Bloor half of the money. After a while Ezekiel Bloor tried to force her into giving up the other half, but Dorothy refused. Dorothy started having trouble when her son Manfred was born. He hated music and screamed when she picked up her violin. She couldn't stand the terrible things her family did to people, so she decided to leave. One night when it was storming, she packed and tried to sneak out of the academy. When Manfred saw what she was doing he told her she couldn't go and was about to shut the door when she put her hand on the doorframe to stop him but he closed it anyway and her fingers broke in the frame. After she fainted she woke up to Ezekiel soaking her hand in a curse potion so she could never play her violin again. When she discovered the Time Twister she waited for the right night when it was storming like the night her hand was broken. Her intention was to take Henry Yewbeam with her but at the last moment Henry turned out of his cape she was holding and she went into time alone. Manfred briefly teared up when she disappeared. Dorothy could've been described as a villain, which is most likely not true, but she was in act of when the Bloors tried to exchange Emma Tolly on the day of Lyell Bone's hypnosis, and Mostyn Tolly described her as one in league with them.