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"That girl has extaordinary talent."

-Manfred Bloor

At the beginning of the series, Dorcas Loom's (b.1992) morality was uncertain and she was described as a plump, cheerful girl, but after the third book after meeting Belle it is quite clear she's working on the dark side. Dorcas is later responsible for the reconstruction of Manfred Bloor's scarred face using Altering Bugs, as well as for the creation of The Shriveling Shroud which steals Billy Raven's power. She idolizes Venetia Yewbeam, Charlie's great-aunt, and Titania Tilpin, Joshua Tilpin's mother, whom she does anything to please. Her nemesis is probably Gabriel Silk, as her power affects him in particular. Dorcas lives in the Loom House, named "Loom Villa". She has two older brothers, Albert and Alfred Loom, who also are a bit overweight and have yellow hair like her. She also doesn't like their rottweilers, as she doesn't like any animal. But the weird thing is that she owns four rottweilers.


Dorcas is descended from Lilith. Her magical talent is to bewitch clothing. Her endowment becomes apparent after she bewitches a belt of black jewels in Charlie Bone and the Invisible Boy, when she almost kills Miss Ingledew. She is very good at her endowment, and she thinks Venetia Yewbeam's plan to marry Archie Shellhorn was brilliant, even though it was a kind of murder. Dorcas gathers a jar from Venetia called the Altering Bugs, a set of bugs that magically smoothen things. She is seen chanting in the dress-making room in the sixth book on a Saturday at Bloor's Academy, at the table with scissors of all sizes, various cloth, bunches of herbs and bottles of potions, as well as labeled jars, trying to make a solution for Manfred Bloor's ugly scars. Dorcas also makes The Shriveling Shroud, to capture Billy Ravens endowment, the bewitched net, and several other items, causing trouble for Charlie and his friends. Also, her surname, Loom, might refer to the sewing loom, used to make cloth, relating to her endowment.


Dorcas was described as a cheerful, plump, and rosy girl in Midnight for Charlie Bone. In, the Castle of Mirrors she was described as a plump girl with fair curly hair and a healthy complexion. In the Hidden King she was described as once being being a round and rosy, perpetually girl, and she is now a heavyset, glowering twelve-year-old, with matted blonde hair and an unhealthy indoor pallor. In, the Wilderness Wolf, she was described as a large girl with tangled, yellow hair. In the Red Knight, her hair is described as "crimpy" and "fair".