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Charlie Bone and the Castle of Mirrors is the fourth novel in the Charlie Bone Series.

Its prequel is Charlie Bone and the Blue Boa, and it's sequel is Charlie Bone and the Hidden King.

This story takes place in September 2003, during the autumn school term.

Plot Summary

In a dark labatory deep within Bloor's Academy, Manfred and Ezekiel Bloor are brewing up a very nasty kind of trouble with Charlie Bone...

The prologue begins when the Red King and his wife, Queen Bernice, are riding by the sea. They spot a beautiful island, the Island of a Thousand Blues. She had a premonition of her children fighting there, and tells her husband that her children must never see the island. Charlie starts a new term at Bloor's Academy, and already trouble begins to brew. Ezekiel Bloor, with the help of his grandson and the Yewbeam Aunts, have brought the horse of Borlath back to life. But in fact, it's not Borlath, it's Queen Bernice, the Red King's wife. Billy Raven is promised new parents from the Bloors, and gets the horrible de Greys for parents. Can Charlie and his friends rescue Billy from the de Greys? And more importantly, can Charlie really tell Billy his past?

However, Uncle Paton is in danger. Yorath Yewbeam told him not to harm Yolanda; and Paton electrocuted her. Will Yorath get his revenge, or will Paton destroy the older shape-shifting Yewbeam?



  • Blessed - Cook's dog (Ezekial Bloor claims the dog as his, calling him Percy)
  • Runner Bean - Benjamin Brown's dog
  • Aries, Leo and Sagittarius - the famous Flame Cats, once lepards belonging to the Red King

Teachers in Bloor's Academy

  • Dr Bloor - Headmaster of Bloor's, Manfred's father
  • Dr Saltweather - Head of Music 
  • Mr Irving (Mentioned only)
  • Mr Paltry - Winds
  • Mr O'Connor - Guitar (Mentioned only)
  • Mr Pilgrim - Piano
  • Miss Chrystal - Strings
  • Mr Carp - English teacher

Seqeuls and Prequels

Midnight for Charlie Bone

Charlie Bone and The Blue Boa

Charlie Bone and the Hidden King

Charlie Bone and the Wilderness Wolf

Charlie Bone and the Shadow of Badlock

Charlie Bone and the Red Knight