Beth Strong (b.1988) is a telekinetic who comes from a line of circus performers. She leaves the Bloor's quite early, and was friends with Zelda Dobinski. Beth is also considered to be Bindi's opposite. She and Zelda were seen playing a telekinetic game; passing a pencil box in book one. She later appeared in the second book, the Time Twister. She and Zelda went to trap Olivia Vertigo when Olivia was trying to save Henry Yewbeam, Olivia was saved by Emma Tolly who came in as a huge bird called a Tollroc. The Tollroc flys Zelda and Beth up to the Heights. In the third book Charlie Bone and The Blue Boa she and Bindi Loom were both said to have left Bloor's Academy by Manfred Bloor.


She was described in Midnight for Charlie Bone as large and muscular with pale, frizzy hair.