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Bertram Babington Bloor (b.1840) was the son of Septimus Bloor and Cecilia Dewhurst.

Bertram was an endowed descendant of the Red King who experimented with magic during his lifetime. He married Donatella da Vinci. His sister, Beatrice Bloor, a witch, was also endowed, making two out of the three siblings endowed with magic. Donatella was electrocuted later on during one of Bertram's experiments.

Bertram Bloor experimented with bringing living creatures to life. He made several notes on "reconstruction", "revival" and "resurrection". He also collected several herbs and potions and left them in the attics of Bloor's Academy where Ezekiel Bloor tried to continue them, but mainly failed in doing so.

Beatrice poisoned Maybelle and forged a false will leaving Septimus' fortune to Bertram and his descendants.